I originally wrote this game in 2000 in VB6. A couple if years later, while working as an intern, they didn't have anything for me to do for several weeks, so rather than sit and do nothing, I taught myself Java by rewriting this game. I later made it work as an applet as well, and brought it up to compliance with Java 1.4. Clearly this was a long time ago, as Java is now up to version 1.17 or more, and applets are no longer supported in HTML5, meaning you can't play this game right here on my web site like you used to be able to. Alas.

You can download the game and play it on your computer if you wish. You must have Java installed on your system in order to run it.

I do have plans to rewrite the game yet again as a mobile app. (For Android only. Sorry, Apple users, but I have no intention of paying for the development environment necessary to write iPhone apps.) It will be a while, if it ever comes to fruition, so don't get too excited. If/when I complete the mobile app, I will have a link to download it on this page. I might even be able to get it included in the Google Play store, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.