Flying Spaghetti Monster Angel Tree Topper


  • 1 package tan pipe cleaners
  • 2 large red pom poms
  • 1 pair angel wings for a doll
  • 2 googly eyes

Step 1:

Make a small spiral out of a tan pipe cleaner. This will be the base and is the part that will fit over your tree top.

Step 2:

Attach several pipe cleaners to the spiral, fastening two loops together in various places and twisting the pipe cleaners to secure.

Step 3:

Bend the noodly appendages so that they look like they have been cooked.

Step 4:

Attach angel wings by twisting pipe cleaners around the wire in the back.

Step 5:

Wrap a pipe cleaner in a tight circle twice around each pom pom, twisting the ends together where they meet.

Step 6:

Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaners that surround the meatballs around a few noodles on the topper.

Step 7:

Bend a pipe cleaner in half and feed it through near the top of the spiral, twisting where necessary to hold in place. Curl each end into a flat spiral to provide a base for the eyes.

Step 8:

Glue your googly eyes to the pipe cleaner spiral bases.

Step 9:

Place on top of tree!